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Fuel Management Services

For the seamless management of your on-site fuel needs:

Remote Tank Monitoring

Take away the worry of having sites run out of fuel by installing an electronic fuel tank level sensor.

The sensors send data back to our HQ via the mobile GSM network, where they are monitored daily to check your usage and pre-empt when the tank will require filling up again.

The sensors can also be used to alert you of any sudden drops in volume, which may indicate a leak in the tank or even a theft on site.



Fuel Transfers & Uplifts

We don’t just get involved with the supply of fuel, we also provide haulage solutions for customers needing to transfer fuel from one location to another.

If the fuel is contaminated, or of sub-standard, quality we can remove it and dispose as necessary. Alternatively, if the fuel is of a high quality (subject to fuel analysis) we may look to purchase it from you.

We utilise a range of specialist vehicles capable of handling small domestic tank uplifts right through to large commercial sites storing hundreds of thousands of litres.

Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning

With the introduction of higher bio-diesel content levels in ULSG in 2011, customers are finding it more difficult than ever to store and maintain high quality fuel.

We offer a range of services including fuel testing & analysis, and if fuel is found to be sub-standard we can arrange for the fuel to be cleaned back to its original condition. This process is known in the industry as fuel polishing.

Fuel Bowser Hire

We have a wide range of fuel tanks and site towable bowsers available for both long and short term hire, all over the United Kingdom.

Alternatively, if you only require a small amount of fuel we deliver hundreds of 200 litre barrels (45 gallons) of red diesel, kerosene and premium paraffin every month, nationwide.



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